Second Week

It is my  second week here in Italy!! I have already begun to feel like this place is home! I have visited the leaning tower of Pisa. It was amazing the see however definitely a lot smaller in scale than I was expecting it to be. The train ride over was only about an hour there and an hour back. While in Pisa, we also took a short tide over to the neighboring area of Lucca. There was quite a bit of tourists roaming around but nothing compared to the immense amount of people that were in Florence everyday. This week I also had the field trip to Gubbio and Fabiano. We visited a historic museum and learned about the city itself and also went to a paper factory. The paper factory was by far the most intriguing place I have visited because they showed us how the paper was prepared, manufactured, and sold in the city of Fabiano. Next week I will be visiting the province of Modena where I will be wine tasting along with visiting a balsamic vinegar building.

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