Final days!

It’s my last week here in Italy, and I am not prepared to leave. I have had such an amazing time and I can’t believe its coming to an end in less than five days. Although I have explored so much already there is still so much to accomplish. This week I will be visiting the Uffizi gallery, climbing to the top of the dome and hopefully visiting the boboli gardens. On top of finishing everything on my sightseeing list, I also have to begin packing and cleaning the apartment we stayed in. Although I will be leaving Florence, I am going to Albania after to stay for 2 weeks before finally heading back to the States. Overall, this has been an experience I will hold near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life. I have grown more than I could have ever imagined and have made lifelong friends that I will forever be grateful for. My advice for individuals debating on whether to study abroad is to experience it as it will be something you will never forget. Of course there are challenges when staying abroad in a foreign country without knowing the language, it comes with great knowledge that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. I’d like to thank the University of South Florida for giving me such an incredible opportunity to follow my dreams and aiding me in my passions.

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