Cinque Terre- Week 3


Its more than half way into the program! This week I traveled to Cinque Terre, the land of the five cities,  with a group of friends. We checked in at an air bnb to stay at for the night while we explored the land of the five cities. For a few hours we were able to stay on the beach where it was filled with tourists and rented a paddle point to go out into the sea and see the amazing views. While in one of the cities called Monterresso, it was very easy to go and explore the other four cities that comprise cinque Terre on a metro that only took approximately five minutes to get in between cities. Alongside going to cinque Terre, I visited the city of Modena. We went to a wine vineyard of the Lambrusco wine production and were able to understand and discuss with the owners the way of production, the length, and the distribution process. We tried a variety of five wines paired with small antipasta and at the end were able to purchase wine if we desired for only five euros a bottle.

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