After three long and exciting weeks in Spain, I can say without a doubt that my experiences have shaped me and my view of the world. I learned the utmost value of immersive learning and how crucial it is to understand the culture of the language you are studying. By putting myself in a different lifestyle, I gained an appreciation and a broader world view that will always carry on with me. While cultural assimilate did present its challenges, I was able to grow as a person. Classes in Spain were significantly more intensive than in the US. However, these classes and the immersive activities that went along has exponentially helped me become a better and more confident Spanish speaker. I feel so proud of myself to for improving so much and going beyond my comfort zone in order to learn and experience a culture different from mine. My own professor even made a comment on my improvement, not just on my conversational skills but as well as on my engagement in classes. I am a very shy and reserved person who barely spoke in class, especially in Spanish class. However, while in Spain I participated in class, felt confident in my answers, and took part in the local life in the city of Salamanca. I hope to carry this confidence in my academic and social life in the US and I hope to keep improving on my Spanish. I believe language is an important part of a culture and identity and as a Hispanic, I want to be able to continue the language of parents onto my future kids.


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