Week 5: Rome-ing Around

Finally, after much anticipation, I was able to visit Rome this week! Rome is one of the most iconic places in Italy and full of so much history. After all, it was the center of the vast Roman empire. Walking around the Roman forum, Palatine hill, and the Colosseum and seeing the ruins of what used to be tall, magnificent buildings was like taking a trip into the past. I tried to imagine what the buildings looked like when they were functional and I know that the city would have been a marvel for anyone who visited. I also wondered how they were able to build such incredible structures. The Colosseum for example is huge and its architecture is unique. How were they able to construct this building with the limited technology they had at the time? I definitely need to do some more research into the subject.

I was also able to go into the Uffizi Gallery in Florence this week. I’ll be honest and say that I was really only knowledgeable about two things in the gallery, “Medusa” and “Birth of Venus”. Seeing these two famous works of art in person was absolutely amazing. The “Birth of Venus” is one of the most beautiful and famous paintings in the world and I was able to walk right up to it! Now when I show people my 10 cent euro coin I’ll be able to say that I saw the art that is engraved on the back of each coin in person. As for the rest of the gallery, I was really appreciative of the art history class I took in high school. I some some recognizable names like Caravaggio, Vasari, Raffaello, da Vinci, and obviously Botticelli. Seeing their work after learning about them in class was so fulfilling. It’s safe to say that this won’t be the last gallery I visit in Italy!

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