USF in London: Week 4


This is the last week I will be in London. Three weeks went by really fast and I felt in the moment even as I was doing things like grocery shopping or eating breakfast at a cafe.

I went to the London Wetland Centre as part of a field trip for my Biology class. Definitely an eye opener seeing birds all over the world reside in a single area. I convinced my newly made friends to join me in eating British Chinese food. They didn’t regret their decisions.

Visited the Hayward Gallery to see Lee Bul’s exhibition with my art class. It was our final field trip and I’m glad it was. Bul’s work at the museum spanned over the course of several decades and is inspired by conflict and confusion from the Korean War.

I saw Motown the Musical in the middle of the week. I found the music entertaining. The plot could have been more engaging, but it was still worth seeing for the soundtrack.

On the final day in London, I went to Tate Britain as fast as I could to see my favorite painting one last time and buy souvenirs. I was doing laundry in the morning and thought this was the best time to visit the museum. My clothes were finished drying halfway through my visit. In the afternoon, there was a tea event at the BMA House. Everyone dressed up formally and we took a lot of goodbye pictures. Time felt really slow during this event. It was definitely the cherry on top of the trip.


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