Post-USF in London


My jet lag has been slowly going away since I came back from London. I did catch a minor cold from the lack of sleep, but it was better to get it now than during the trip. Four weeks went by really fast and I wish I could have stayed in London a little bit more. Now that I’m home, everything I do feels different even though I’ve lived in the States for my entire life. I’ve started to notice how differently us Americans act compared to Europeans. Europeans are more laid-back and reserved than us. I’ve also began to understand my identity a lot better. In America, I used to identify myself as solely Asian because of the racism I faced. But in Europe, my assumed sub-identity did not apply towards how I behaved. I was not a British Asian person nor was I an Asian from Asia itself. The way I spoke, thought, and acted was American. I was an American in London. And coming back to the States, I realized I’m an American just like everyone else. Studying abroad was a personal milestone that I won’t forget.

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