Week 4: How to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling can get really expensive. Every little thing adds up and before you know it, you have spent hundreds of dollars. Since I did not come to Florence with an infinite budget, I had to organize and plan how I was going to spend my money. The first tip I have for saving money is to not eat out every day. I know it may seem tempting with all the delicious food Italy has to offer, but it can get really pricey. So what I do instead, is I buy groceries weekly and try to mainly to cook at home. I give myself some wiggle room to go out at least twice a week for a meal. Or sometimes I trade going out for a meal, to buy drinks or pastries more frequently at local shops.

Another tip for saving money when it comes time for souvenir shopping is to not buy things off of local stands or stores that have set prices. Instead, go to the open market where you can bargain prices. The greater the quantity of something you buy, the lower the prices go for that product. I have been able to get some really good deals on t-shirts!

When it comes to traveling outside of Florence to other cities in Italy, I’ve noticed that it’s cheaper to travel with a tour group vs. doing your own traveling. Smart Trips has some really cheap deals for students when it comes to traveling. They include transportation and a guided tour of the location you are visiting!

I believe I have been handling my money well and hope that it lasts me until the end of this trip! Ciao until next time!


*Picture of me in Cinque Terre* Traveling done through Smart Trips

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