Week 4: Amalfi Coast Exploration

Ciao tutti! Welcome to another week in my adventures here in Italy! So, this past weekend I embarked on an amazing trip to the famous Amalfi Coast with Smart Trip. Similar to last week, I discovered another down side about guided tours and pre-planned trips by travel organizations. They tend to create a restriction of your time and the places that you visit. One of my friends also noticed this because we were all often behind schedule and rushed in our sightseeing. However, I still enjoyed our time at the Amalfi Coast, because we were able to see the beautiful beach and other nearby tourist sites.


Some of the other beautiful places we were fortunate to see included Mt. Vesuvius and the historical city of Pompeii. These locations of course were the highlight of my trip. We began by hiking Mt. Vesuvius, for a tough 20 minutes, which we later found out to be one of the world’s most dangerous volcano’s because it was highly active and is expected to erupt soon. On the brightside, it was probably for the best to have known that after we hiked this dangerous volcano; or else, I feel like most of us would have felt slightly uneasy on our trip up. Another highlight of our trip in visiting the southern side of Italy, was Pompeii. We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what Roman life was like, through the well-preserved ruins of the city when it was covered by volcanic ash. It was eye-opening to see how the Romans lived 2000 years ago in the city of Pompeii with a population around 18,000 people. It was incredible to see the beautiful homes the Romans resided in and how they had developed early forms of sewage and water pressure systems.

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