Week 4: Hey from Pompeii!

This Sunday I had the privilege to visit Pompeii! I absolutely loved walking around with a guide and learning about how life must have looked before the city was destroyed. We could see the indents on the streets where the wheels of carriages wore down the stone on the street, we could see inside of the homes, and we even peeked inside of a brothel. The guide also showed us a portion of Pompeii that has yet to be excavated. This allowed us to see how high the ash from Mt. Vesuvias’s eruption was. Speaking of Mt. Vesuvias, I can officially brag that I climbed a volcano! The uphill hike was very exhausting, but very well worth the bragging rights. The crater was filled with rock and sand and seemed so peaceful. It was hard to imagine that the very mountain I was on top of was able to cause the catastrophic damage that it did upon the city of Pompeii. Another experience I had here was seeing the cast of a Pompeiian. These casts were formed on top of the bodies of people who died in the eruption, and hold the shape and position of the person at the very moment of their death. Its sounds very morbid, but it was still interesting. I was with a tour group on this trip and we headed back down to our meeting point after this to buy souvenirs from some stalls. A friend and I got wrapped up in bargaining and didn’t notice when our tour group left to get back on the bus. We had a small moment of panic as we realized they had left without us. I managed to stay calm, however, and suggested that we try to find our way back to the bus by ourselves. I told myself everything would be okay, even if the bus left we could still find a train to get back and this little hiccup would not be the end of the world. Luckily, we were able to make it to the bus before it left. I realized panicking doesn’t do any good to anybody, and keeping a level head always leads to a solution. We made it back to Florence without any more bumps in the road but I was content knowing that I could deal with any bumps if they did happen to show up.

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