First week in Florence!


It is my first week here in Florence, and it is amazing! I have noticed how the culture is embodied in everything the people do here. As you guessed it the food is definitely amazing and delicious especially the gelato. Classes have started and my food, wine, and culture class is simply the best. We have the ability to cook in the kitchen and make various foods and have food tastings as part of our class. We also will be taking field trips to different cities to immerse ourselves to that regions most unique qualities. I have also started my biochemistry class and it is definitely going to be a lot of work so I plan on managing my time accordingly, however there is also a class field trip to Gubbio and Fabiano that I am excited for. Our apartment is very close to the center of the Duomo here in Florence which a main tourist site which means we have a lot people walking the streets day and night.

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