Week 3: Visiting the Lovely Beaches of Italy

Salve once again everyone!
So, this was sadly the last week of my beginner’s Italian course and I will greatly miss the class. Mainly because it was always packed with interesting discussions and the professor truly helped me improve my ability to communicate with the local vendors and learn about the Italian culture. On the bright side, this lessened course load allows me to have more free time to explore regions of Florence that I had not explored previously. This reminds me, if you’re taking a rigorous class I would recommend pairing that class with a 3-week course (like Italian) so that you can focus on the other class during the last 3 weeks.One of my favorite things about Italy is how relatively common my name is. I found this out when I went to a restaurant and the owner happened to share my name although it was slightly different (it was spelled “Pasqual”), he had mentioned that there are many people who share the name although often with a slight variation. I was very surprised to hear this, because I had never heard of anyone having my name or even coming close to it before this time.

This previous weekend I embarked on a day trip with Smart Trip (a tour operator) to Cinque Terre, which is located on the west coast of Italy and known for its colorful houses, beaches, and fishing. Upon arrival I was instantly enamored by the beauty of the buildings and the water located right next to them. The one downside was the immensely crowded beach, where it was very difficult to find a place to rest our belongings. Nonetheless, the beauty of the beach compensated for much of the hassle. I would recommend using such tour operators on certain trips because they provide transportation and guide you to great touristy locations, so much of the research and work is done for you. The downside is that you don’t have as much free time as you would want and you’re almost restricted to certain areas.

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