Week 2: Florentine Life


I’m starting to get used to the Italian lifestyle this week. I can get around the city without consulting a map and have gotten used to the miles of walking we do every day. It definitely helps that there’s a lot of things to see on the way to class. Organic chemistry is proving to be no joke, as we had our first exam this week. This class is really putting the “study” in “study abroad”. But even studying isn’t awful thing in Florence, when you study while eating Italian food and sitting in front of an amazing view.

This Sunday we visited the beautiful city of Verona as a field excursion for my organic chemistry class. We were able to see and climb up to Juliet’s balcony which was incredible. What surprised me was how many people believed that Juliet had actually lived in that house. Looks like Shakespeare was so influential he was able to create real people! Also in Verona, I realized I kept seeing signs for something called “granite”. I had no idea what it was but when my group and I stopped at a little cafe for gelato, I noticed it again there. In an impulse I decided to order it and try something new. Turns out it’s a slushie! It was the most amazing slushie I’ve ever had. Technically it wasn’t something new, but it definitely opened me up to taking more chances.

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