USF in London Week 2

Hello again,

It is week two of the trip. I had visited Tate Britain and it has turned out to be my most favorite museum. The Romanticism paintings were my favorite section because of how landscapes were favored during that period of time. I visited Abbey Road and it seems like a car accident haven with the amount of tourists trying to take a picture in the middle of the road. I went to Chinatown later that week and enjoyed grabbing a dish of Peking duck. Best duck I’ve ever had. I also went to the Chelsea Physic garden and got a glimpse of global plant life. Saw Phantom of the Opera as well. One of the best musicals I’ve ever been to.


I went to Amsterdam for the weekend of week two. The city is extremely well kept and the public transportation was similar in efficiency to London. I tried many of the foods there: Dutch, Argentinian, and Turkish. I definitely need to have more Turkish lamb when I come back. The Van Gogh museum was amazing. Getting to see how much paint Van Gogh uses was crazy. The Anne Frank house was quite small as well and I’m surprised there are no hand rails for the canal. Definitely would want to come back another time.

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