“Asi es la vida” 

My time in Spain has been greatly influenced by my gracious and loving host family. Maria del Carmen Hernando Becerro was my host mom for the three weeks I stayed in Salamanca, She is a wife, and mother to a sixteen-year-old son. Eating dinner with her always leads to an anecdote about her life in Spain or her experience being a host mom and with that came life lessons. “Asi es la vida”, or “that’s how life is”,  is what she would always say. She spoke about how difficult it can be being a mom while trying to handle all of her economic and social hardships. She recalled all that her family has endured making a living in Spain and how much she is able to appreciate what she has. Whenever a struggle presented itself, she would tell herself that “asi es la vida”. She understood that adversity was expected in life, but that you needed to approach it with a strong and fierce attitude. She recounted the many times that being a host mom has given her joy and how it makes all these hardships worthwhile. She has been a host mom for many years, way before her son was born and plans to continue because meeting students from around the around and creating special bonds with them is what makes her happy.

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