Pudding and Souse and Macaroni Pie


Pudding and Souse is a Barbadian (Bajan) food that is scrumptious. I would have never though to combine these items but my oh my it tastes so good. Most Bajans eat Pudding and Souse every Saturday for lunch. Today I joined in this tradition at the Castaways Restaurant in St. Lawrence Gap and was not disappointed. The Pudding is made of sweet potato, the Souse is pickled pork with cucumber, and it is served with breadfruit and or green bananas. I’m sure I’ll be having pudding and souse again before I leave!

Also on the food front, the best Macaron Pie I’ve ever tasted has been made by a Bajan! The pie can be eaten alone but I like it served with Dolphin fish (which is actually Mahi-Mahi).

These 2 meals are relatively inexpensive and are a must have if you’re ever in Barbados.



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