Week 2 : A Healthy Balance of School and Travel

After being here in Florence for quite some time, I pretty much have gotten the hang of balancing school and travel. At first, I felt guilty about going out and enjoying myself because I believed I was giving up precious study time. But, I had to sit myself down and remind myself that the whole point of studying abroad was not only to study but to enjoy my time here and to learn about the country I was staying in. I felt like I was not receiving the full experience by staying at home, locked in my room with my nose in the books. I have developed an efficient schedule where every day I study the material we learned in class. This helps me to keep up with the material being taught in the class and prevents me from leaving everything until the last minute. That happened for the last exam, and I probably slept a collective three hours in four days. With this new schedule, I was able to have a free day during the weekend to venture out to Pisa for a day! Right after class on Friday, my roommates and I boarded a train and headed over to Pisa with much excitement to see the Leaning Tower. Once we got there, my breath was taken away by the beauty and the reality of standing in front of such a historic and well-known piece of architecture. I was the most excited about attempting to take the cheesy pictures everyone takes with the Leaning Tower. Out of about the 300 photos I took, only four came out with my hands accurately positioned on the tower. Nonetheless, this was a once in a lifetime experience, and I am glad I was able to make some time to go out and do some exploring outside of Florence! Ciao, until next time!

Description: Picture of me in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. 

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