Why You Should Go on All The Excursions

Punta Lobo dreams and Pichilemu Love


By @cathiegomez

As a college student myself, please understand that I do comprehend the gravity of the University Budget. I truly get that every excursion has a price tag, but even so, I highly recommend doing everything in your power to participate and attend every excursion trip. On these types of trips is where you meet hostel hopping hippies, the kind that travels the world, makes friends in beautiful places and then travels with their new acquaintances across borders.

Now to be fair, my study abroad experience is a little unique, I am the only USF student in the country and the only one that has made use of the university contract in 8 years. However, Chile has a large number of exchange students from around the world, and the university has a large intake as well that you join. Even so, before going on my first group excursion trip to Pichilemu, I hadn’t really befriended anyone in my age bracket.

My trip to Pichilemu was AMAZING. My previous post about excursions was sarcastic, hopefully entertaining, but mostly I hope it reveals how much of a klutz I am at life. I can relate to people who in spite of their goof ups still pursue ambitious goals tirelessly. The trip was a VERY rocky start but I made it out there, and every step was absolutely beautiful. I learned to surf, I befriended college students from more than 8 countries, partied till six bottles of Pisco evaporated, and danced so much I now have new muscles in strange corners of my body. Now, this is all fun and good for a weekend but what has truly made a difference in my daily activities and in what I project for my future months here, is that I now have a group of friends who regularly contact me, invite me out, and push me to do new things.

While I am a huge proponent for establishing an industry-specific network, a social network will fulfill a different part of your emotional needs. A social network, which is what these peers have become, will provide you with empathy, camaraderie, affection, and excitement. I urge you to pursue excursions and if it is truly not a financial option then a similar alternative, like a multi-day workshop or retreat.

– Go travel said the Cat

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