Money Saving Tips While Abroad

Traveling abroad doesn’t always mean you’re destined to break the bank. While you shouldn’t prohibit yourself from tasting new food and having new experiences, there are ways to spend your money smartly. During my two weeks in Spain, I learned where to shop and how to eat in a budget-friendly manner without missing out on all the fun. A rule of thumb is to avoid eating around main tourist areas. These areas tend to increase their prices because their main demographic are tourist and sometimes the food offered isn’t as authentic. Instead, dine like a local and look for small places that aren’t near tourist attractions. Often times you’ll find meals for a good price. I know plenty of restaurants that only charge 3 euros for a drink and a tapa, which are delicious single-serving appetizers. Another great tip would be to check out any local markets. Every Sunday in Salamanca, there is a “rastro”, or an open market, held outside the city. Here you can buy a variety of great things for cheap, whether it be clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, etc. I’ve bought dresses, each for less than 8 euros, and jewelry, each for less than 2 euros. I definitely recommend exploring the markets before deciding to spend money at a mall or popular store that you could probably find in your own country. Lastly, try not to take a taxi unless necessary. Taxis can be expensive, therefore, I suggest taking the metro like a local or just walking. There are many things you can do within walking distance and there are many. Even if your planned excursion is far, you can take the metro for less than 2 euros a ticket to your desired destination.


Local food in Salamanca:

The first image is churros con chocolate and the second image is of a mini hamburger.


The Rastro or open flea market:


Pedestrian crosswalk:

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