BullMeetsWorld, San Jose

Meet Adriano, a 24-year-old Costa Rican student from La Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. He currently studies literature and spends his time working at the local libreria in San Jose based just three blocks from ILISA, the language program that USF attended.

Adriano takes pride in writing and his ability to sway people with his words. My roommate and I met him on our first week in Costa Rica where he quickly became a trusted friend. He recommended hundreds of books and helped us tour the city where we witnessed a hail storm together! This picture shows us seeking refuge at a coffee shop next to the train station where Adriano shows off his prize tattoos. The one on his right forearm illustrates a rifle made out of chess pieces that tells the story of Russian history and chess, whereas the one on his left arm has a simple but impactful message, “Mereces que sueñas”, or “You deserve what you dream”.

Adriano is somewhat of a pariah who possesses very liberal, complex views about the society we live in today. As a fellow writer, he understands the power of words, literature, and knowledge. Through his work at the libreria and his studies at the university, he continuously works to spread the knowledge he attains to educate the public and create a more balanced society.

When asked to share a piece about himself, Adriano offered the following:

“He perdido la fe. Entiendo la vida como algo que se puede contemplar. Hace mucho tiempo que ya no quiero nada de la gente, pero me conmueve la inocencia de algunas almas. A pesar de todo, tengo el conocimiento como pasión y el escape como destino, algo que intento reflejar a través de mi tatuaje; que reúne historia, deporte y memoria.”

Translation: “I have lost faith. I understand life as something that can be contemplated. I have not wanted anything from people for a long time, but I am moved by the innocence of some souls. In spite of everything, I have the knowledge as passion and the escape as destiny, something that I try to reflect through my tattoo; that brings together history, sport and memory.”

Here is one of his short reflection pieces on daily life as witnessed in Costa Rica:

“La lluvia vespertina le imprimió cierta celeridad a la ciudad que toma los sábados por descanso. El autobús corre con los vídrios empañados, la colilla del cigarrillo se desecha con menor desdén, la gorda, los triglicéridos y el correspondiente mal humor; el bochorno del aire mal acondicionado, los pies húmedos, la tos, un acento infaltable, el yoga cervical al estilo irlandés de algunos pasajeros y en la radio, alguien canta “I want to be forever young”.

Translation: “The evening rain gave a certain speed to the city that takes Saturdays for rest. The bus runs with the fogged windows, the cigarette butt is discarded with less disdain, fat, triglycerides and the corresponding bad mood; the shame of the poorly conditioned air, the wet feet, the cough, an inevitable accent, the cervical yoga in the Irish style of some passengers and on the radio, someone sings “I want to be forever young”.

Thank you, Adriano, for all the knowledge you have spread and continue to share through your writing.

¡Pura Vida!

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