5 tips for Surviving Your Own Cooking Abroad


By @cathiegomez


My name is Catherine and my food scares dogs. I have given myself food poisoning MULTIPLE times. This being said, I can teach you how to survive. Proper nutrition is extremely important, don’t let your ramen eating friends convince you otherwise. You need a balanced diet for a variety of reasons the first is you’re probably a student and you need your brain to work at OPTIMUM capacity for a successful semester. The second, proper nutrition is EXTREMELY linked to great health, so to avoid fatigue, mental fogginess, mild depression, and skin irritation (all symptoms I experienced that were out of the ordinary and were seriously alleviated by a better diet). Lastly, by eating better you WILL enjoy life more. I stand by this last statement, no Soylent drinker can convince me otherwise. So here are the Bad Cook Inc.’s 5 tips for surviving your cooking (These tips were handed up to me by my beloved genius pre-med sister):


  1. Sauce It Up! – Ok, so you over/undercooked your ENTIRE meal, don’t cry! It doesn’t matter, you can cover it up with a good sauce. Repeat after me, Fake it till you make it, if anyone on Instagram asks about the iffy parts of your meal, your go to answer is: It’s supposed to be like that! So stock up on sauces, they’ll help you swallow the ungodly creations you’re bound to make.


  1. Rice Mixes Give Life – Rice is a staple food for cultures around the world. Learn from their best practices and adopt this as truth. Rice will serve as a carrier for whatever cuisine your little heart desires, Asian/Mexican/Latin YOU NAME IT, WE GOT IT. So my tip is master rice making and it will serve as a cold or hot meal, lunch or dinner.


  1. Nachos Are Your Friend – Nachos get a bad rap, like their distant cousin PB&J sandwiches, they’re actually quite balanced. Nachos will basically give you a break from using rice as a carrier. You can load them up with veggies and proteins and they’re also a comfort food for many American college students.


  1. Cold Cuts are a Sad Lifesaver – Now, number 4 is the saddest of the sad. Eating deli meat and cheese roll ups for a meal is sad, but it’s better than foregoing your protein intake. For Veggie Heads, the equivalent might be an unseasoned tofu block. Sometimes, you need to fuel up to get to the next real meal. Don’t derail your progress by cutting corners and consuming massive amounts of cheap sodium. Trust me, your brain and body will thank you.


  1. Protein Orders – Lastly….this ones a gem, so listen up folks. Go to a restaurant and only order a protein to go. Then, go home and mix it with your other carries rice, nachos, veggies, or salad. Genius!! You can still stay within a budget AND have real, yummy, cooked foods.


Now, the Veggie Heads are probably wondering why, if I’m focusing on nutrition, I didn’t focus on salads as a carrier. Well, dearest Veggies, to my experience veggies are hard to maintain and in some countries/regions hard to find. Rice however, usually isn’t. So if you have reasonably priced veggies, access, and have a schedule that allows you to maintain them. Please, do replace one of your staple carriers for salad.

Below is a horrible meal I accidentally made with sugar instead of salt. The photo next to it is how I survived the following month…ssss

– Hope this helps!



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