Keeping it real in Killarney GCP

Keeping it real in Killarney
For our last destination we made a trip south to Killarney. This of course was not until we stopped by the Aron Islands While many things stood out for me on this adventure, in Killarney I was particularly aware of UN sustainable goal #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. We had the opportunity to visit a 26,000 Acre park of sorts. This was a 7-mile hike that included 2 boat rides, horses, and a lot of walking. The one thing that kept coming up for all of us is the lack of pollution as witnessed by the lichen on the rocks, and the 6-8-foot drop in water levels on the many lakes we traveled. This was alarming and shocking at the same time.
The “aha moment for me on this excursion was that climate change is happening whether I or anyone believes it or not. We could see the evidence on the landscape and rocks. We could see where the erosion was and how high the water once was. The debate is over! Climate change is real and needs our immediate attention yesterday. Having observed the deer, horses, goats, sheep, cattle and others I realize that this planet is a shared space.
Going forward I believe my willingness to be more intentional about such matters is essential to being a responsible citizen. I once believed that I could not make a difference on such big issues but thankfully I was wrong. I saw a coke can in the woods and I picked it up and through it away. Little practices and action steps can and will make a difference. At this point I think, feel, and believe I have been opened up to a bigger world. I highly recommend Study abroad as a part of a Global citizens effort. Cheers!!!

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