Introduction to Me

Hello to anyone reading this! I hope you are having a wonderful day whether you are currently in a different country or relaxing in your room reading this. My name is Samantha Wilkerson and I am a Psychology and Sociology double major student here at USF and I will be graduating this upcoming Spring. During this summer I will be taking my first trip outside of the United States for the USF in London program. During this trip I am taking the Honors College Britishness course as well as the Criminal Minds: Psychopathy, Crime, and Serial/Mass Killing course (I’m doing a minor in Criminology so it fits in perfectly). Both of these classes include excursions throughout London, for example a Brixton walking tour for the Britishness course and a Jack-the-Ripper tour for the Criminal Minds. I am grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip and for all of the support that I have received in order to be able to afford to go on this trip. As an honors college student I was able to receive a scholarship to help with the cost of the trip as well as a scholarship for being a Provost Scholar. I would also like to bring attention to the Global Citizen’s Project, a program that encourages students to travel abroad by explaining how important it is and all of the positive impacts that leaving your country can have on your worldview. I am so excited for this trip, specifically to see all of the architecture and incredible sights that London is known for. I have never left the country before and I am so excited for this opportunity so that I can further expand my knowledge of the world by seeing how different countries compare to the United States. One thing that I am excited to learn more about is the Health Care system in the United Kingdom, which is called NHS, the National Health Service and how it impacts the worldview of the healthcare system. I want to be a Marriage and Family Psychologist and I am interested in learning more about the field that I will be working in. For my future posts I will be writing about my experiences throughout the week and how these experiences are affecting me and my outlook on the world.

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