God,Girls,Gender,& Galway GCP

God, Girls, Gender &Galway
The time we enjoyed in Galway was well spent. Galway offered a host of Un sustainable development goals that could be observed. I title this blog entry God, Girls, Gender and Galway based on my experience at Kylemore Abby as well as my experience at the Galway Cathedral. The intersectionality between gender equality, religion, poverty, education, and hunger to name a few can not be overstated. What stood out for me in terms of UN sustainable goals were Goals #1, Goal#2, Goal#3, Goal #4, and especially Goal#5 Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
My “aha” moment came when I attended mass at Galway Cathedral. I looked around and realized that 90% of the worshipers were women. In that moment I was awakened to the fact that much of the real power in the church is wielded by women. My second “Aha” moment was at the Abby. Here I saw the pride and joy of so many families and small communities that sent their daughters to the Abby. The Abby was a place where girls would go to be educated. School at the Abby was a huge honor and privilege. The last class graduated in 2010.
In terms of my feelings, behavior, knowledge, and even skills, I feel that I can improve greatly in promoting gender equality. What I believe this experience has done for me is challenge my belief in equality. Equality isn’t having the same thing, rather having the choice to make decisions for your life. The women I observed were choosing faith, choosing God and essentially choosing equality. Through the opportunity of education, I believe issues of poverty, hunger, inclusivity to name a few can be addressed and ultimately mitigated. As mentioned once before Galway is like a big small town and it very much felt like the role of women through Catholicism was greatly elevated. This is why I continue to be Ga Ga for Galway.

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