Dublin 2.0 GCP

Dublin 2.0
As I continue on this incredible Journey through Ireland I would like to acknowledge some other meaningful standouts in Dublin. In addition to UN sustainable goals #1 and #8 I feel compelled to say that UN goal #11 Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable was another standout for me. In addition to UN sustainable development goals there was also several GCP outcomes that seemed relevant. Analysis and synthesis. I had the opportunity to be here during their Gay Pride week. The entire city was alive with Pride. As a Black gay man visiting Ireland I have never felt safer, more welcomed and included. The Pride flag was visibly noticeable everywhere. Courthouses, shops, pubs all had signs of inclusion.
My learning aha moment was when I began to look at analysis and synthesis as part of the GCP outcomes. What I observed was the intersectionality of local, city, and federal systems. It appeared to me that everyone was on board with the celebration. On every level micro, mezzo, and macro there was clear support for Pride. In addition to LGBTQ representation I saw many Muslim women. Muslim women traveled in full covering around the city with a sense of purpose and pride. Their presence was felt and the diversity was refreshing.
Many of my initial perceptions about Ireland have been challenged and proved to be incorrect. I was concerned that being a person of color would make me a target. I thought that I might be treated disrespectfully. However, any shade or slight directed at me was in reaction to President Trump. People actually showed empathy toward me for being an American during the Trump era. I have processed this experience as such. The people of any country are the country and not the leaders per see. Ireland’s real treasure is its wonderful people.

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