Spain Study Abroad About To Begin!

Hey There,

My name is Ashley Barrett and I am a rising senior here at the University of South Florida embarking on the 4-week Spain Program this summer. Majoring in Psychology double minoring in Criminology and Forensic Behavioral Healthcare. I am honored to be a Mark and Kay Orr International Affairs Scholarship recipient for it has alleviated some financial stress of studying abroad. In just a few hours I will be boarding a plane and heading to Madrid Spain! My emotions are like a rollercoaster right now at one moment I feel anxious in fear something is going to happen to my flight or I will forget something. While, the other part is ecstatic to go to Spain to embrace a new culture and doing things out of my comfort zone. My goals for this trip are very simple, but will be challenging to accomplish:

  1. Feel comfortable speaking Spanish
  2. Learn how to roll my R’s properly
  3. Have a conversation with a local
  4. Try cultural dish once a week
  5. Let go of my worries

Stay Tuned…


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