Week 1 of Florence: Exploring the City

Upon arrival in Florence, it was everything I had imagined this beautiful city to be, if not more. It’s already been a week here in Florence and I have become really good friends with my roommates. Maneuvering around town has been quite easy to get used to especially with the aid of the GPS on my phone. Everything is within a short walking distance. I thought I was going to experience a really bad case of culture shock because I have never been this far away from home on my own. However, to my surprise, I have not felt homesick once since being here! I love it so much, I wish I could extend my stay here.

One neat thing that I liked about where our apartment is located is that it is within walking distance of the Duomo of Florence. The Duomo of Florence is this massive Cathedral completed in 1434 and is considered the fourth largest church in the world. I have yet to tour the Cathedral, but it is on the top of my list of things to do.

Things that I have done in Florence is trying lasagna and gelato! Both things were unbelievably good. One thing that I learned in my Food and Culture class is that here in Tuscany, bread is made without salt! The reason for this is because a long time ago, the Pope of Tuscany wanted to imply more taxes on salt, which the Tuscans refused to pay. Ever since then, the Tuscans have made their bread without salt. Personally, I have not gotten used to eating the bread here, however, the bread is good when accompanied by a meal.

In addition, over the weekend, my Food and Culture class went on a field trip to Modena! Modena is a city outside of Tuscany. In Modena, we learned the process of making vinegar and wine. I had no idea that the aging process could take 30 years! After our tour, we were able to sample the different kinds of vinegar and wines produced at the place we went to.

To wrap up this post, I also had my first exam in biochemistry today which was a relief to get out of the way. I have found it difficult to balance both having fun and studying when all I want to do is explore this historic city, but I will surely manage as a settle in. Until next time! Ciao! 

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