Plaza Mayor: Madrid and Salamanca

In this past week, I have traveled to two different cities in Spain. The first being the city of Madrid and the second being Salamanca, where my classes are held. I can note the rhythmic differences in these two uniquely special places. I only stayed in Madrid for three days but it reminds me of New York in that it is a very faced paced environment. The phrase “The city that never sleeps” can also be applied here. Along with it being a popular tourist destination, it is also home to many citizens. This is evident in the busy streets, metros, and cafes. The Plaza Mayor is a perfect place to see local and tourist intermingling. It can be very crowded area to be in. While there I witnessed a protest and, street performers, and several tour groups.

On the other hand, Salamanca is an example of a tranquil and family-friendly city, while the city does have its share of tourism, it is also a scenery that is relaxing to be in. The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca is filled with cafes, bars, and bakeries. At night you will see groups of friends and family relaxing in the middle of the Plaza, an experience I took part in and definitely recommend. Salamanca does not have a metro but it is extremely pedestrian friendly. Everyone here walks, and it can be for miles. In addition, it is also student-friendly, The University of Salamanca welcomes students from all over the world, therefore many locals are friendly and accommodating to the various types of cultures that visit the city.

Plaza Mayor in Madrid


Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

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