Pre Departure Post & Introduction by Fouad Albadrasawi

Good Morning Everyone!

I am excited to be traveling to Florence, Italy for my 6 week study abroad experience overseas! My name is Fouad Albadrasawi and I am majoring in Biomedical Science with minors in both Public Health and Biomedical Physics. My goal is to one day serve as a Doctor in underserved global communities throughout the world but for now, I have many years of studying to go! This study abroad experience will conclude my undergraduate bachelors degree and I will have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East with a goal to shape my perspective of global health and learn from the local traditions of Physicians in these areas. I will be participating in the Science in Florence program taking two classes: Comparative Health Analysis/Physician Observation and Historical Perspectives of Chemistry. I chose this program specifically for the opportunity to observe physicians in Italian Hospitals and learn about the Italian Healthcare setting, ranked the second best in the world according to the World health Organization (behind France).

To fund my voyage across the sea, I have applied to several scholarships and was fortunate enough to receive the prestigious Gilman International Scholarship, the Ellsworth G. Simmons Scholarship for International Leadership and the USF in Florence School of Record Scholarship. These generous contributions will make it easy for me to travel and further my pursuit of knowledge and I cannot be any more grateful to receive such incredible and immaculate honors.

I am specifically excited for this trip because I have never traveled to Europe before, although I have admired European culture from a distance. With my family coming from Palestine, we have always maintained a Mediterranean culture in our household that reflects into my personality and I have always wondered what the similarities and differences are of my culture and the ways of life for the Europeans. Finally, this question will be answered and I cannot wait to explore these comparisons and integrate a new perspective into my life.

Personally, I would like to establish a quality friendship with a local Florentine that I could maintain for many years to come. I would like to do this because of my fascination with Italian culture and language along with the benefit of knowing a local who can help me get acquainted with the culture. Furthermore I want to get an idea for how an Italian views the world and trade ideas and points of interest with someone whom I otherwise would never have had the chance to meet.

Professionally, I hope to develop meaningful relationships with the Physicians in Italy and learn about the pros and cons of practicing in the country. Italy has a much different healthcare system then the United States and I would like to use this opportunity to familiarize myself with the benefits of their system and explore what positive aspects could be brought back to the states to reinvent the way physicians in America practice health care.

Academically, I would like to finish out my undergraduate degree earning A’s in both of my classes as well as dedicating time to learning about the history of Italy and especially what shaped the environment that allowed the city of Florence to prosper. This means I look forward to spending ample time with my professors and at the Florence University of the Arts library studying away!

All of these thoughts have been running through my mind these last couple months and I am excited to get started with a sophisticated program that will open the doors of opportunity for me and serve as a gateway for a much different future! A final word of thank you for all of my Scholarship patrons and I can’t wait to post more about my experience!


Fouad Albadrasawi

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