Arrivederci USA e Ciao Italia!

Hello everyone, I am Pascual Jahuey, a second year Pre-Med Biomedical Engineering student, and if you haven’t guessed it already I am going to Florence, Italy! I am embarking on this exciting journey through USF’s Science in Florence Study Abroad program with the gracious help of the Greenbaum/Genshaft Passport Scholarship. Traveling has always been one of my many passions ever since I visited Poland and Germany a few summers ago with my church for World Youth Day. So, I am extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity to once again explore Europe by studying in Italy for 6 weeks during summer B.

I have always dreamed of becoming a physician from a young age; however, I am not definitively sure what I want to specialize in, but I have narrowed my interest to be somewhere in the realms of orthopedic surgery and working with underserved/underrepresented populations.

While on this trip, I will be taking Organic Chemistry 1 and Beginner’s Italian during this summer B semester. I chose these two courses because I really enjoy chemistry and learning new languages. Organic Chemistry I is one of my degree requirements, so it was a no-brainer to enroll in that course, but I chose Italian because I believe that learning new languages is an invaluable asset to have and will help me more fully immerse myself in the Italian culture. Along with that, what I hope to achieve is a new perspective of the world through this unique experience in Italy where I will be fully immersed in the rich culture and history of Florence, Italy.


Side note: This picture is from the Pre-Health Scholars Program I was enrolled in during Summer A & I am the individual on the far left.

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