De vuelta en Los Estados

I am back in the United States and YES I miss Costa Rica. I have woken up the past few mornings craving a plate of gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, toast, platano and coffee. I know that one month is just enough time to become accustomed to a routine but also not enough time to really embrace another culture. However, my experiences in Costa Rica have been rich, memorable and impactful.  My Tico family was wonderful in every way, my daily walks to the bus stop were filled with beautiful flowers, loud motorcycles and crisp Costa Rican air. Heavy showers accompanied my afternoons and the excitement for family dinner in the evenings was often the highlight of my long days. Towards the close of my time in Costa Rica I became comfortable navigating my barrio, I found my favorite spot for fresh juice and afternoon coffee and I began to feel confident in my daily conversations with Costa Ricans.


At ILISA (what a memorable view) my teachers were a diverse group of Costa Ricans who each brought their passion for teaching to the classroom. Their conversations with us, thought repetitive helped very much. Learning a second language as an adult has been difficult but rewarding and the teachers at ILISA were patient and there to help. Not only was I looking to expand my vocabulary but I sought to find a deeper human connection in communicating. Every question to a stranger, exchange of colones on the bus and Spanglish food order has been one with meaning. The people of Costa Rica were hospitable and I was very appreciative. Over all the natural beauty and hospitality of Costa Rica are unmatched. I look forward to returning to the place of Pura Vida!

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