An Introduction

Hello everyone, I’m Jacqueline Miller.

In less than a week’s time, I will leave the United States to study as part of USF in London. This is exciting and terrifying: this will be my first time leaving the United States, my last semester before graduating a year early, and my first time taking a class about literature. What major would I have that would lead to such a travesty of someone waiting until her final semester of college to take a literature class? Why English, of course. Professional/technical writing and rhetoric concentration to be precise.

Thus far, I’ve had to watch all the literature concentrations with envy as they take all the awesome literature classes USF has to offer, while I am left with no room on my schedule to take anything other than the awesome writing classes USF has to offer and programming classes for my information technology minor. All because missing out on writing classes to take a literature class is an even greater travesty than missing out on a literature class.

Naturally, this makes taking a literature class among the most terrifying of the points I made at the beginning of this post. If I fail the class, no one will take me seriously as an English major. (But for real, graduating is pretty terrifying too.) I chose USF in London for the fact that it would allow me to fulfill this college long goal of taking a literature course and my lifelong goal of visiting another country before fulfilling my goal of becoming a technical writer after graduation. I’m afraid there isn’t much room for fictional narratives in how-to articles; even if it might make them more fun.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have bags to pack. So many bags.

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