Hi everyone! My name is Amber Livingston. I am a Junior at USF majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and minoring in Psychology. In less than three days I will be traveling to Belfast, Ireland to study Conflict Transformation and Social Justice. I am extremely excited to study abroad! I have only traveled to Montreal in Canada and various states around the U.S., so I am immensely enthusiastic to have this opportunity to travel abroad.

Although the program is not in my area of study, I am eager to get started! This is mainly because I want to experience another country and learn their customs and traditions. Additionally, I feel that Ireland is not a popular study abroad location (as compared to Florence or London) and I want to show others that it is a wonderful place to study culture and learn about the history of the location.

Since I am not majoring in history or politics, I don’t really know a lot about Ireland and the conflicts experienced by its citizens and their surrounding governments. To the ire of my father, I am woefully ignorant of the world around me as I frequently avoid watching the news or reading a newspaper. However, during this study abroad experience I aim to become immersed in the conflict transformation techniques used to generate peace between countries and citizens of those countries. Additionally, I want to learn about the troubles suffered by the people of Ireland and how they were able to overcome them. In turn, by the end of this program I hope to have learned techniques that I could use in a future career path and to have experienced Ireland to the fullest.

Before I go, I would like the thank the Global Citizens Project for providing me with a scholarship to help fund this trip.

Thank you for reading this blog post, I will update again when I’m in Ireland!

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