One hemisphere to the next

¡Hola! My name is Katlyn, and I am finishing my junior year and entering my senior year at USF. My major is political science and I am minoring in the Spanish language. Since I began learning Spanish at the age of 13 I have always imagined myself in Spain one day, and that day is finally here! When I became a USF bull, I knew I would make it my goal to study abroad in Spain. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for my trip from the Genshaft Greenbaum Passport Scholarship Endowed Fund. I am thankful. I have always found the Spanish language, culture, art interesting and have spent much of my free time learning about it, I also like politics and law, so I have decided to combine my passions and my goal is to one day be an immigration lawyer and use my passions for law and Spanish together. On a more personal level, I am so excited to improve my Spanish and be able to use it every single day! This might sound nerdy, but I am excited to see the art, and buildings that I have only seen in textbooks, like La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. I am excited to experience the culture, food, and life in Spain. My mom is afraid I will like it so much I might just move there! She is not wrong. I have never studied abroad, lived in an airport all day awaiting multiple flights, or been to the other side of the world, and it is all finally happening. Even though it is day one, and I have spent most of my day in an airport, I am thankful to be experiencing this.


¡Hasta Luego! You’ll hear from me next in Spain!



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