Arrivederci, Firenze! Till Next Time

Hi guys,

I’m back! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. It’s sad to say, but my time here in Florence is up. From learning a whole different culture to becoming more independent, I can say I’ve grown during the past six weeks.

It wasn’t easy at first, especially since I didn’t know what to do or where to go within the city. Everything seemed overwhelming and foreign to me. In fact, the only thing that kept me on track as I made my way to classes was Google Maps. However, the problem with always relying on Google Maps is not being able to explore. That’s why during my second week, I decided not to use Google Maps. Instead I allowed myself to just get lost. I probably circled the same streets more than thrice on every try, but that helped me get familiarized with Florence. I found my way around the city and now, I can say that I’m like a local. I can navigate the city center (even via narrow streets) without getting lost anymore.

There’s so much to miss in Florence, like Florentine steak, authentic pizza, pasta and panini, and of course, the daily dose of cappuccino! There’s also the local markets and the distinct smell of leather in every corner; however, what I will miss most is gelato! Ahhhhh, yummy and creamy Italian gelato! It tastes way different from the ones I used to get in the States. ☹ I probably had one every day! LOL

Anyway, although I’m leaving in a couple days, the experiences and memories I’ve gained in Florence will stay with me wherever I go. This study abroad program has inspired me to explore the world even more. Life is too short, and there’s so much to see around us. For sure, I will cease every opportunity to travel from now on.

I guess it’s time for me to end my blog as far as the Florence study abroad program part goes. Although I am excited to see my family again, I must say that I am sad that I’m leaving as well. However, don’t worry, Florence, because for me, it’s not a goodbye, but a see you again soon!


Arrivederci, Firenze!


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