Introduction: Me and My Journey.

Hello! My name is Lauren Taylor and I am a senior at the University of South Florida. I am a political science major who will be participating in the Northern Ireland study abroad program for Summer 2018. The program will be based out of Queen’s University Belfast, under: The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute For Global Peace, Security, And Justice. I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and I give thanks in part to the scholarship I have received, to make this educational experience possible – the Joan Newcomb Study Abroad Fund. I am eager to start my journey in learning about peace building and conflict resolution – especially in Belfast – an area emerging out of former conflict. Learning about the conflict here as well as in other societies in the world who have undergone significant changes will be quite interesting. Not only learning from the classmates who will be going along with me from USF, but also from the international group of students from continents all over the world. We can all learn a thing or two from each other as an international group of students with each of our own perspectives on the world. To make the world a more peaceful and understanding place is something I wish to achieve in the future. I hope that this experience will fulfill all aspects of my life; personally, professionally, and academically. Most importantly, I am excited to be sharing this journey with you all. And as always….. Go Bulls!

Best regards,

Lauren Taylor


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