My name is Marisela Juarez and I am a junior at USFSP. To say that I am feeling excited about this trip is an understatement. Studying Spanish in Salamanca, Spain will offer me the most amazing and educational setting for the subject. As a Hispanic myself, I hope to become fluent in the language not only because it is beneficial in a career, but also because I personally believe that a language plays a significant role in better understanding your culture and thus your identity. I want to utilize the skills I hope to learn from this experience to communicate with family members who are not fluent in English and to respect a culture and the people that have shaped who I am today. While I am confident in my ability to understand Spanish, I know there is room for improvement in my confidence and ability to speak it fluently. I hope to grow and become more proficient in the verbal aspect of the language. It is for these reasons that I have decided to minor in Spanish and Latino Studies. Additionally, I am also minoring in Art History and majoring in Anthropology. With the grand magnificence of the Spanish cathedrals and architecture along with its rich history and culture, I know Spain will offer me a delightful experience that will accompany both my minors and my major.  As a recipient of the USF Federal Credit Union Passport Scholarship Endowed Fund Study Abroad Scholarship, I feel lucky to have the financial support to be a part of such an exciting opportunity.

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