Prologue: Paris and London


I describe college career as a walk on a glass bridge. As a dual degree between studio art and biochemistry one of the first questions I always receive is why, followed by a some variant of how. The truth is, both subjects are inexplicably mixed– as they have been since the beginning. Artists in the past have used their illusionistic techniques to adhere to realism to such a degree that it was used to categorize and study not only the human body, but plants, animals and a record of travel that translates to modern day photographic record keeping today.

The first blog I post should be about me, I was told to make it an introduction to myself. However, without explaining how linked the two subjects I can’t truly explain myself. After all, I’m going to Paris and London to study Art and Art History while applying for medical school this summer.

This is my last undergraduate semester at the University of South Florida and we have been through a lot together. Between finding my religion, being put together by my friends, a schedule of classes that furthered my knowledge, a new job, and a burnt apartment– I can truthfully say the past five years are irreplaceable. The USF Art and Art History Paris and London program is my way of making the most of the last of my undergraduate career.

As a senior, looking back I regretted not making the most of some of the events and opportunities available to me at USF. When I found this program not only fit the last few requirements of my studio art degree but that some of my favorite professors were going I jumped at the chance. Moreover this program requires students to be out of the traditional classroom, walking through Paris and London to complete assignment requirements which ensures that not only will I make the most of my time, but perhaps I will even end up going places I would not have thought of on my own.

I leave this Thursday, and truthfully I am a little nervous. I know very few people going on the trip with me and I still have to finish moving out of my apartment. It’s the month of Ramadan and I’m afraid I’ll miss my fasting and prayers in my excitement and I don’t want to fall behind in med school apps. However, someone once said that if what you’re doing doesn’t scare you a little then you’re doing it wrong.

But also, I am absolutely thrilled. This feels like the start of a movie where things are up to chance and the protagonist has every choice ahead of them to make their life truly amazing. I hope I do well here. Thank you all for your support.



Areej Aziz

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