Bulls Meet World, Paris

When moving your life to a new country you need a place that feels like home. Where after a long day you have someone to talk to, and is interested in what happened. I am very fortunate to have found that home in Paris with my host mom. To have a little background knowledge on my host mom she is fluent in French, English, Italian and Hebrew. She is also day care psychologist for children with autism.

After living with my host mom for five months, and having multiple conversations on topics like religion, politics, and anything you could possibly think of I’ve enjoyed and taken advantage of a completely different perspective on life. Having two grown children herself she wanted me to feel like I was home, and that if I need ANYTHING she would be there. She always encouraged me to go explore not only Paris, but Europe as a whole. To learn, grow, and expereince a different type of life style you don’t get in the US. I’m going to miss just sitting down at the kitchen counter talking to her, and gaining a new insight on life itself. My host mom changed my life forever.




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