Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Hi everyone!

My name is Medina Karagic and I am a recipient of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship.

I am currently enrolled in the Pre-Nursing program and have just received my associates this Spring. I expect to graduate with my BSN in Spring 2021. I plan to work part time and attend USF’s Master of Science in Nursing program which has been ranked among the nations best so that I can teach at a college level and work as a traveling nurse practitioner.

I am minoring in Spanish to secure my fluency in the language, allowing me to better communicate with my Hispanic and Latin American patients whose first language is not English. I am eager to be the first in my family to attend college, study abroad, and support those in my family who are struggling financially.

My program of study will be centered in San Jose, Costa Rica, focusing on enhancing my Spanish language skills. I am stoked to fully immerse myself within this language and culture for it will afford me the privilege of advancing my understanding of their history and customs. By living in a foreign country for a semester, I will diversify myself as a candidate within the medical field, coming back as a global leader who possesses an expanded worldview. This experience will also allow for intercultural development, testing preconceptions and habits that I might not even be aware of today.

Moreover, I am looking forward to experiencing and photographing the beautiful scenery in Costa Rica. I have recently begun to explore my artistic side, specifically with writing and photography, so I hope to be able to document this trip and add it to my portfolio(s).

Overall, I am excited to diversify my network of peers through the Spanish language and undergo a fundamental change in regard to my worldly perspective. And of course, I am thrilled to strengthen the bond between me and my homestay family!

Costa Rica, here I come!


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