First Few Days in London!

Hello Bulls!

Today is my fourth day in London and it has already been a full and enriching experience. I have had the opportunity to visit the British Museum and see ancient Egyptian artifacts like Cleopatra’s mummy in addition to tracing London’s rich history at the London Museum.

Today, my cohort visited Westminster Abbey where I was surprised to learn that England’s coronation ceremony is actually a sacred religious ceremony, instead of simply being a way to bring the English people together. I have also learned that the British people are incredibly proud and happy when major royal events are coming up. As the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a couple weeks away, vendors on every street corner are selling flags, keychains, and frames to commemorate this event. This sort of excitement and joy is incredibly foreign yet refreshing to me as an American.

Additionally, I was surprised to see the amount of notable people buried at Westminster Abbey. From Charles Dickens to Isaac Newton to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, there are a vast number of notable citizens commemorated at Westminster Abbey. This helped me see it as a site that was accessible not only to the British people but also to everyone in the world.

Lastly, I have had an incredible time exploring London’s Oxford Street, Picadilly Square and the London Tombs.

Although I am a little sad as my time in London comes to an end, I am ecstatic to begin planning excursions for Paris when I get there in two days!

Thank you for reading!

Kinjal Jethalal

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