Today was Good. Today was Fun. Tomorrow is Another One. -Dr. Seuss

On Wednesday April 18th I turned 20. I am honestly not a fan of celebrating my birthday, but I am lucky to have made such incredible friends throughout this journey, who made my birthday truly unforgettable. Coincidentally my birthday also marks exeactly one month until my Spanish travels come to an end. This semester has gone by so incredibly fast and I am thankful for every moment of it—from exploring Europe, to improving my Spanish, but mostly I am thankful for the wonderful people I have met.

Before I get all sentimental, let me discuss the amazing day my friends gifted me. As Wednesday was a beautiful warm and sunny day (which is quite rare in Oviedo), some of my friends and I went to a beach in Gijon, a nearby coastal city. Also, I say it was warm now, though it was only about 75 degrees. I know by Florida standards that’s a little chilly for the beach, but I truly have adapted. Our time in Gijon was slightly messy, though I decided that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but in the right company that does not really matter. Essentially the distance between the high and low tides in Gijon is quite great, and changes quickly and frequently to our surpise. So while two of my friends and I were trying to begin our summer tans, the tide came and soaked us as well as our towels and backpacks. But like I said, in good company that does not really matter. Sure we were slightly discomforted, but we could still laugh about it and enjoy a beautiful day in Spain.

After our time at the beach, my friends took me out for dinner at a delicious Mexican restuarant in Oviedo. I sat at the head and saw the most wonderful people chatting and laughing and sharing my birthday festivities with me. Some of them even brought me gifts (mainly chocolate!!) which I really had not been anticipating. My favorite part of dinner was that nobody was on their phones, except for when we took group photos. We all sat around and had meaninful conversations. And I got to wear  a sombrero while my friends sang me happy birthday!



All I can say is I had a great 20th, and can’t wait to see where else this year takes me.



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