Picnic in Paris: A How to Guide

It’s officially spring here in Paris and everything is in bloom! In the span of a week the clouds have cleared, the temperature has climbed, and Parisians can be seen left and right soaking up the sun wherever they can. Paris in the spring is like a whole new city, one full of colorful clothes and smiling faces; it seems everyone appreciated the dose of vitamin D! Because it’s so lovely out, my friends and I have decided to have a picnic every chance we get. In order to build the perfect picnic we hit up a few of our local grocery stores and markets, gathered our supplies, and did some research on the best spots in Paris for a beautiful Sunday in the sun.


The first step is to pick you location. We decided to go to one of my favorite parks, and one that I’ve posted about before. It’s called Parc des Buttes Chaumont and it’s really beautiful in the spring. There were flowers blooming everywhere, and plenty of large hills to lay out a picnic and take in your surrounds. It can be difficult on particularly nice days because many parks can get quite crowded. Fortunately, this was such a huge park we had no problem finding a spot right in front of the lake.

After picking you location you can decide how much you can handle carrying. It’s silly to bring a three course meal so far out of the city, but it would be just as silly to go to your neighborhood park and only bring an apple! There were five of us going, so we split the responsibilities and weight. Each of us brought our own water bottle, and the rest of the food was split evenly so no one ended up being a pack mule.


Your final decision lies in picking what kind of picnic you’re in the mood for. Since we knew we didn’t want to travel with too much food, we all resolved to have big breakfasts. For our picnic we chose some traditional french on-the-go foods like fruit (apples and oranges), baguettes (three between the five of us ended up being plenty), brie cheese, patê, dried fruit and nuts. For dessert we brought some chocolate and cookies to share all around. It was a truly wonderful time, and definitely something I could make a habit of!

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