One Month Left in This Beautiful City

With only a month left in Paris, time is beginning to fly by. I’ve done and seen so much in my time here, but everywhere I look there is so much more to do! I’ve resolved to spend as much time outside as possible, and despite the wonderful metro system, I have recently enjoyed walking almost everywhere I go. There’s something so satisfying about knowing only the general direction you need to go in and just wandering until you get where you’re supposed to be. I believe that as soon as you get a little lost, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, or something entirely different!


In addition to all the things I am itching to do, my classes are ramping up. With multiple essays and choreographic studies due in the next few weeks, I’ve never felt more like I’m back at university. Even though it is a lot of work, I so appreciate seeing how my understand of dance and myself has grown while I’ve been here. Being able to see so many performances and talk in depth with my teachers and peers afterwards has allowed me to gain so much insight as a dancer and future choreographer. I am truly excited to bring back my experiences and share them with my friends, family, and teachers. 

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