Italian Adventures

I had the amazing opportunity to travel around Italy for Easter break! After some careful planning my friends and I decided to travel to Milan, Genoa and Venice in a total of 4 days. It was a great experience, being able to have a glimpse of multiple Italian cities. I learned a lot about the culture and met some incredibly friendly people. Milan was our first stop, and it felt similar to Berlin which I visited earlier in the semester. There were wide open spaces and a fairly comprehensive metro system. We found a large castle with a sweeping park behind it, and a beautiful little church with a stunning garden. Genoa was surprisingly tiny in the most wonderful way, full of narrow alleyways and steep staircases. We walked everywhere with no problem, and each new street was more interesting than the last. There were also beautiful beaches and an exciting night life. Our final stop was Venice, which felt a bit like a real life Disney World. The main island was full of activity, especially on Easter. There were hundreds of leather goods shops and souvenir stores, and everywhere you turned there was another picturesque bridge or canal. I’ve created a brief video compilation of my travels to give you all a taste of the beautiful places I’ve seen.

One thought on “Italian Adventures

  1. Loved your video, Zoe! So artistic, moving and colorful, along with a perfect music selection. My son will be traveling to Italy this summer. I can’t wait for him to experience everything you have and to see the beauty of this amazing country.


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