March 8, 2018

March 8th is a day celebrated around the world, and is known as International Women’s Day. This year I had the honor of attending the Conference on Gender Equality in Business hosted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). I had the privilege of attending a panel given by:

1. Chair: Isabelle Millat, Head of Sustainable Investment Solutions, Global Markets, Société Générale.

2. Keynote Speech: Jo Andrews, Co-Founder, Equileap.



Bertille Knuckey, Head of Sustainable and Responsible Investment, Sycamore AM.

François Millet, Head of Product Line Management, ETF & Indexing, Luxor Asset Management.

Elena Kyrou, Lead Social Development & Gender Specialist, European Investment Bank.

In my opinion, my favorite part about the panel was how they brought up the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Goal #5 of Gender Equality to all of the other 16 goals. I was in awe during the panel because of the passion radiating off each of the presenters about how to continue advocating and promoting gender equality world wide. During the panel they highlighted gender balance in leadership and work force; equal compensation; work-life balance; policies promoting gender equality, commitment, transparency, and accountability.

I gained the knowledge of how companies are trying to lead in the field in terms of gender equality, and how to combat the pipeline issue. They described this “pipeline issue,” as this pipeline that is curving and not solving on-going human rights issues with women in the workforce. Until both men and women are fighting for gender-equality in every shape or form this pipeline will continue to curve. They explained the need to distinguish where philanthropic events end, and where investment begins to accomplish the sustainable development goal of gender equality.

The panel taught me and gave me the self-awareness of how important it is when you manage something you need to measure it. Gender Equality is empowerment all across the board, and to accomplish this goal it needs tracking and management of the agenda to make sure it leads to the inclusion of all women. As a woman, and advocator of change I believe I am stronger now in my willingness to continue practicing appropriate actions to address gender equality.


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