Who needs a classroom?

This past week was unique in that I did not attend my regular classes. Instead, La Casa de Las Lenguas program offered different workshops, talleres, for the students to attend everyday. The talleres range from cooking to dance to practicing conversational Spanish! My taller was botánico, so I got to walk around Oviedo and learn about the different plants and birds! Although it was a pretty cold and rainy week, it was really nice to explore the nature of the city.

At the end of the week each taller gave a brief presentation of what they did all week. I enjoyed watching the dance taller’s presentation in which several students volunteered to dance bachata and merengue in front of everyone. I ended up speaking on behalf of my botánico group, which I was nervous to do at first. But I am glad I spoke in the end because it was a great opportunity to practice Spanish, and work on public speaking. After all the presentations we went to the study lounge where the cooking taller provided traditional Spanish food: tortilla de batata (which is not a flower tortilla as in what we would use for a burrito but rather an omelette mixed with potato),  and paella (traditional rice dish with vegetables, seafood, or meat).

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