What They Don’t Tell You About Public Transportation

In a city like Paris the easiest way to get around is to take public transportation, but in my opinion it’s also the best way to get around. I say this because in a city like Tampa, Florida you usualy drive your car to places, and the only relationship you have with the people around you are in a car in their own world. When taking public transportation you are surrounded by strangers, but strangers that have a story.

Whether you’re on the metro, train, bus, or even tram you are indirectly interacting with everyone around you. From moving around to make room for other passengers, to glance at a stranger while avoiding eye contact from the person trying to make money by the playing the guitar, or just people watching. When taking public transportation in a city like Paris you truly get a glance of the people that make up the city of love.

Yes, public transportation isn’t always glamorous with the different types of smells, trash and delays, but you get a chance to see people going on about their daily lives. Some days I just take a step back from my life, and I become curious with the people around me. Questions that fill my head like, Where are you going? Why did you decide to wear that today? Did you have a rough morning? Were you in a rush? What is YOUR story? Are YOU happy? Have you fulfilled all YOUR hopes and dreams? It’s odd that when you’re taking public transportation you see every feature of person. The color of their eyes, the way their hair flips to one side over the other, the color of their socks and the way they try to avoid the people around them by either scrolling on their phone or reading a book.

Public transportation allows you to assume peoples stories and appreciate them. Its hard to appreciate the strangers around you when you’re in a rush, distracted or too busy to even care, but its amazing that in a city filled with 2.2 million people you get the chance to see the beautiful people that fill up Paris if you just take a step back.

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