Día de la Mujer

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Thursday March 8th was a very exciting day all over the world, but I felt particularly lucky to have been in Spain on this day. March 8th was International Women’s Day. Oviedo and the neighboring city Gijón both held demonstrations with numbers exceeding those of any previous year, as did the one in Madrid!

I took a bus to Gijón with some friends and marched in the parade. Though I have my opinions, I am not very politically active at home, and I do attribute this partly to the fact that I would need to drive everywhere in Florida. Here on the other hand, I can just hop on a bus and head to a nearby (or far away) city! When I got to the bus station it was packed! The line was so long I was afraid we would have to wait for the next bus. When we arrived in Gijón I joked that the whole city plus everyone from Oviedo was outside for this march.

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It was truly amazing to witness men and women coming together to fight for equality, and it felt good to particpate in such an important event. Even though this was just a few days ago, it kind of felt like making history. The demonstration fortified my belief that an individual really can make a difference, and the more individuals that come together the better.

If I had to describe the day in one word, I would say “empowering”.

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