It’s the little things

I had a rather calm week in Oviedo, though even a calm week is always full of adventure!

At the beginning of the week I started tutoring Fabian, an 11 year old Spanish boy, in English. I really recommend looking for tutoring opportunities abroad not only to offer help but as a way to immerse in the culture. I now know another Spanish family, and they are extremely kind and welcoming. Though I am helping Fabian practice his English, his family has offered to have me over any time to practice my Spanish, or to go on day trips with them. I really look forward to tutoring weekly to for a bond with a Spanish family and better understand the norms here.

Friday I went with a friend to Intu Asturias, formerly called Parque Principado. Intu Asturias is a big mall about 20 minutes outside of the city center. To get there we took the bus which only cost about one euro each way! The mall has most of the stores that are on Calle Uria (the main road in el centro), but much larger versions. There’s also a bowling alley and a movie theater! After a couple hours of shopping and exploring the stores, we went for dinner at a tasty Mexican restuarant. The dessert, a platano crepe with dulce de leche, was to die for. Going to the mall was the perfect activity for a rainy Friday afternoon. That night I also had a lot of fun bonding with my host sister while watching tv.

The next day was absolutely beautiful! It has been about 5 degrees here for weeks, and Saturday was 15! Yes, that sounds very cold but I’ve finally adjusted to Celcius so in Fahrenheit terms it was around 60 degrees. I went with some friends to the nearby coastal city of Luanco, where we dipped our toes in sea-green yet clear water. Luanco is a very small pueblo, and the main attraction is definitely the water. However, there are still other sites to see such as a gorgeous old stone catherdral, as well as colorful houses and restaurants. 

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